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Long story short

Saudi-based organization, Shared Technologies, was established in 2011 and provides web development, portal development and web solution services. Our team of people have accumulated over 10 years’ experience in web building, programming, internet services and technology; and have developed and managed over 100,000 web pages… and counting!

Shared Technologies has trained and managed over 1,000 webmasters, and have developed expert skills in usability, which is the presenting of information to the user via a website is easy-to-use and understand for any end-user without the need for any specialised training, is unambiguous, and provides the user with the right choices; and interface designs that focus on the user’s experience and interaction. We also specialize in New Media and Social Media to further enhance and develop your website and online presence.

We are skilled specialists in the art of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the editing and improving of content, HTML and associated coding in order to increase keyword efficiency and website optimization.

What do we actually do?

The best websites in the World

Priceless UX

Ultra-Light Code

Top-Notch Design

Let us introduce ourselves!

Meet the Team
Areas of Expertise
Need Explanation?
We will work with you in and building your websites, promoting your corporate identity; integration with your content management system (CMS) and social media platforms.
A web portal will provide your organization with accessibility to online applications and information, no matter how many different processes and systems already exist.
Online, digital and SEO solutions are able to help you promote, enhance, communicate and collaborate, gaining customer and brand awareness across your range of products and services.

How We Work?

We start by figuring out the best way to bring your ideas to life in the most creative, logical way possible.
Everything we design for our clients is bespoke, created for you using years of industry experience.
Using all our research, ideas and creativity, this is where we bring designs alive and start making things move.

We are awesome!

Hussain Alhaddad

Head of Development

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